Sunday, August 23, 2015


Arduino is an open-source platform that is very versatile, meaning all code, schematics, etc. are open to the public. Whether it be an autonomous robot or a weather station; arduino is there for the job. It is great for entry level people, as well as the more advanced. Arduinos and arduino compatible shields can be bought on the arduino website as well as other online stores such as amazon or at a radio shack. When buying and arduino you may want to find a good deal, but be careful as sometimes you'll find that the boards are fakes. I recommend buying an arduino uno or an uno starter kit for your first project. There are loads of tutorials about the modified C/C++ programming language as well as about circuits and DIY projects. On Aruinos website there are examples and reference for the code, which is very easy to catch onto. In order to upload code, also called a sketch, you must download the arduino IDE onto you computer. Once downloaded you can start writing and creating your first project and step into the world of arduino.


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