Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MARS: Multi function Robot

                So it has been a while since I have gotten on here. I should get on more often. Today I'll go into depth a little about what building my latest project was like. You can see the step by step instructions on instructables in the link below. I entered it into the robotics contest on the site and actually won! I won the first prize so I'll be getting whats called a pcduino and an oscilloscope. If it ever arrives. It has been a while so when it does come I'll see what I can do with them and maybe write about it.
              When I decided I'd get serious about arduino about a year or so ago, I wanted to start a big project. Not the little one with LEDs or buzzers. I thought of building arms or a IOT(internet of things) controlled room, etc. But I decided I'd start by building a tank like robot that I could build upon over time. First I bought the simplest stuff and slowly built the robot up to what it is today as my knowledge grew. In total it was about $150 for just parts, but $300ish over the year for tools or little side projects. Sounds like a lot, especially since I don't even have a job, but it was here a little there little for a year...Anyways it was a really fun project. I haven't finished and I'm still adding to it, but I'm planning on and beginning to create a group of different types of robots for different landscapes all controlled by a single remote. I'm planning on a quadcopter, a submarine, possibly a biped or a quadruped, and whatever else I think of. They will be controlled by RF signals (radio frequency), and I'll cover that in my next instructable. Of course everything is run on arduino. So look forward to my next projects and the pcduino!

PCduino site
MARS robot instructable